Due to the recent health order, all of our trivia and Bingo Beats events have been suspended until further notice. Please see our Facebook page for updates. Feel free to email info.almostfamous@gmail.com with any questions.

Do you know stuff? Random stuff? Extremely obscure random stuff that you are almost embarrassed to admit you know? PERFECT! You belong at an Almost Famous Trivia night! Test your knowledge of everything under the sun, from "Terribly Epic 80's Movies", "Things Found In a 7-11" to "The Wonderful World of The NHL"!

Win great prizes while having a ton of fun! Consistently sarcastic and always entertaining, our hosts ensure Almost Famous Trivia is a fantastic night out! So grab a team, a pint, and a pencil & finally put that random knowledge to great use!!

Contact us to bring a weekly trivia show to your establishment or to your own private event! Super fun Zoom trivia is available for virtual gatherings too! Phone: 604-816-4040 or email info.almostfamous@gmail.com